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Generative Medicine

The Generative Paradigm
As practitioners we employ the principles of generative medicine. The generative paradigm is a meta-model of how and why events occur in complex systems, and reveals the uniqueness of each individual. Naturopathic medicine is a treatment modality that has been guided by time honoured principles: Primum non nocere; Vis medicatrix naturae; Tolle causam; Tolle totum; Docere; Praevenire. Generative medicine defines the scientific process of naturopathic medicine, and provides the scientific evidence behind the practice. It is all encompassing, and includes full consideration of your concerns. Our patients enjoy an eclectic array of treatment modalities chosen to suit their needs, including osteopathy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, personalised nutrition, fundamental laboratory analysis, genomic testing and analysis, herbal and homeopathic medicine, neuromuscular treatment and The GenoType Diet.

This is how we treat you using an holistic approach: We take a comprehensive case history, perform measurements and carry out a physical examination and laboratory testing to discover how and why your body is behaving the way it does. The process reveals the treatment plan which promotes health and predicts disease risks. The fundamental principles of holism are a result of the various phenomena associated with emergence: the tendency for complex interactions to produce unanticipated or even counterintuitive results. We employ powerful computer modelling tools that align and harness emergent events, the signs and symptoms that conventional approaches have deduced and reconstructed statistically. We view the results of our enquiries contextually, embracing holism, complexity and the Vis medicatrix naturae, i.e., acting in accordance with the healing powers of nature. Guided by these principles and assisted by advanced software, information obtained from your assessment reveal themselves as your health strengths and weakness and your current conditions and concerns.

Generative medicine is a systems approach examining relationships in biological networks. Everything in the body is connected: the combination of current research models in living networks and systems with linear relationships affords unique understanding. In addition to allopathic medicine, most alternative medical practices use a reductionistic approach, with the most effective protocols derived by trial and error. However, handling massive data acquired from thousands of conventional scientific studies require the computational power of computer modelling to reveal the hidden secrets of life. Bioinformatics have advanced biology, and medical science has made strides comparable to those of information technology in engineering fields. We may look at single nucleotide polymorphisms and symptoms, but we think in terms of process and metabolic network relationships, not just protocols.

We will produce a personalised GenoType Diet, carry out functional medicine and genomic analyses to deliver a comprehensive ongoing plan of care. For example, We use the evolution of the blood group genes and their homologous genes and pathogen-driven selection to predict and prevent disease. Computer modelling software reveal causality and strategic interventions by studying the reciprocal interactions of the microbiome and the immune system, the epigenetic regulation of protein glycosylation and protein folding in disease formation, the relationship of fucosyltransferase 2 (FUT2) polymorphism and disease susceptibility.