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Testing at Acumen Lab

Some patients have difficulty in detoxifying toxins due to acute exposure or genetic polymorphisms that compromise the detoxification pathways. Acumen diagnostic laboratory in the UK runs specialised tests for toxiciology and nutrient status. Greenfields uses these tests to find out whether patients have been exposed to toxic metals, pesticides, herbicides and other environmental chemicals. These tests can be particularly useful in cases of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic myeloencephalitis, or ME.
The following is the current list of laboratory tests available from Acumen laboratory:
  • ATP-profile*
  • Cell-free DNA*
  • Red cell NAD (B3 status)*
  • Superoxide dismutase studies* SP (SOD1, SOD2, SOD3 activities & gene studies)
  • *CFS-PROFILE (above four tests together)

  • Translocator (TL) full studies (includes gene identification when possible)
  • Metallothionein (functional test & ELISA)
  • Fat cell or serum pesticides screen
  • Fat cell or whole-blood VOCs

  • Serum GST (Glutathione-S-transferase) with affinity chromatography studies**
  • RBC GST (Glutathione-S-transferase) with affinity chromatography studies**
  • *GST-PROFILE (above 2 tests + RBC-GSH)

  • Cardiolipin studies
  • SCFA, Short-chain fatty acids (3-12 hrs fasting)
  • SCPP, Short-chain polypeptides (1-2 hrs post-prandial)
  • Carbonic anhydrase (hyperventilation) studies 
  • EGF (VEGF) in Saliva (hypochlorhydria test)
  • EGF (VEGF) in Blood
  • L-carnitine (serum or plasma)
  • Lymphocyte sensitivity tests (list available, includes silicones). 
  • Lymphocyte respiration parameters Strathkelvin™ method
  • Membrane potentials (plasma & mitochondrial, included in Lymphocyte respiration)
  • Mitochondrial permeability transition studies
  • 2,3-BPG (RBC 2,3-Bisphospoglycerate & BPG-mutase)
  • F6P (RBC fructose-6-phosphate), fructose excess/intolerance
  • Fructose investigations (F6P, SCFA, LDH-isoenzymes)
  • LDH-isoenzymes (with total LDH & cell-free DNA)
  • GSH (red cell glutathione – total) included in GST-profile
  • Calcium – intracellular studies (full test)
  • Calcium – intracellular screening test only
  • Actin & cytoskeleton investigations
  • TAT (thrombin/antithrombin complex)
  • Fatty acid, plasma-membrane, fluorescent probe studies
  • Toxic Effect on metabolic activity (max 5 named chemicals)
Blood samples may be drawn in the clinic or at a local facility.
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