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*DNA Adducts and Metallothionein Studies

This test measures chemicals that have stuck on to DNA. This test can be used for patients who have either been exposed to chemicals, or who have developed cancer. Toxic chemicals are frequently present, with the most common being lindane, nickel, PBBs (used as fire retardants) and other heavy metals. It is possible to get rid of these toxins using detoxification.

DNA Adducts*

Metallothionein is a cysteine-rich protein essential in the chaperone process of heavy metal excretion. It also plays an essential role in glutathione synthesis. Polymorphisms in the MT family and associated SNPs assessment is an effective part of any detoxification evaluation. It has been shown to be elevated in conditions of heavy metal toxicity, inflammation, cancer, metabolic syndrome, cardiomyopathy, autism and low and high uric acid levels. 
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