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Bioimpedance Testing

Laboratory testing
The Bioimpedance report was also automatically generated to measure the parameters of health based on body mass, tissue hydration and membrane integrity, an indirect measure of nutrition status and survivability.
Bio-impedance body composition analysis (BIA) measures body composition electronically. Body composition analysis is the clinical assessment of tissue and fluid compartments in the human body. A normal distribution of tissue and fluid in the body is associated with immunity, high function, and longevity. An abnormal distribution of tissue and fluid in the body is associated with susceptibility, low function, and the effects of disease and aging. Our body is bioelectric and the Body bioimpedance analysis measures our vitality at a cellular level.

The phase angle parameter, an index of body cell mass, tissue hydration, and membrane integrity, makes it suitable for assessing nutritional status and survivability. 

Phase angle is an indicator of cellular health and integrity. Research on humans has shown that the relationship between phase angle and cellular health is increasing and nearly linear. A low phase angle is consistent with an inability of cells to store energy and an indication of breakdown in the selective permeability of cellular membranes. Cell membranes have a high lipid content, therefore this reading gives an indication of your cell lipid status. A high phase angle is consistent with large quantities of intact, healthy cell membranes and body cell mass. 

Phase angles for adults range from 3 - 10 degrees, with normal values of 6 to 8 degrees.  A phase angle of 5’ or lower can indicate a serious energy deficiency. A phase angle higher than 8' is excellent.

The Bioimpedance results are factors analysed in The GenoType Diet.