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Intro to 3D

Coil Pottery

Students have created some beautiful coil pottery. This assignment follows Richard Peeler's coil method thanks to Wagoner Pottery for posting the video on youtube for the whole world to see. The video is a classic and you will see how exceptional the outcome is. We are waiting for the pots to dry and will begin glazing after Spring Break. Check back soon to see how they are coming along.

Students have begun building coil vessels using techniques taught by the ancient Greeks and Native Americans. Students spent time watching a video of the coil method by Richard Peeler a timeless video which focuses on perfecting the form. Some students are in the beginning phases of building while others are working on perfecting.


Cardboard Sculpture

Students are working with cardboard to create large Pop Art letters in the style of Robert Indiana. Their use of color, design and pattern make them very interesting and beautiful to look at.


Stop by the showcases outside the multipurpose room at the high school. Students have created cardboard letter sculptures and they are displayed as a letter Jinga of sorts. See how many words you can find. Do you see GHS ART? These are so colorful and lively. Students used the elements of color, form, line, and shape and the principles of rhythm, pattern, repetition in designing their letters.

Paper Sculpture

Students have explored many methods of working with paper as a sculptural medium. They then created a relief sculpture using only white paper and glue. Many of them are on display in the showcases outside of the Multipurpose room. Stop by and take a look.