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Advanced 2D

Advanced 2D students will be working with a variety of media and artistic styles this semester. 
Many of the assignments will change from what was done last year but some of them will be similar.
Check back often for updates.

Surrealism with Pen and Ink Fall 2015
Students created drawings of mechanized figures and objects. They used a variety of sources to 
design their renderings. Each image has its own personal touch based on the student artist's 
interests and ideas.


Abstract Portraits

We studied methods of abstraction used by artists. One of many methods is to change colors, textures and the use of 
space. Students took photos of themselves, a friend, or a family member and then manipulated the photo to create an 
abstracted portrait using color, line, and texture. Students then experimented with oil paint to paint the portrait. 
Super Realism Charcoal and Graphite

It seems that the ultimate experience for budding artists is to draw or paint something with Super realism. Chuck Close is 
an artist whose early work was super realistic and was done in a giant scale. Students did a large drawing of their eye 
enlarging it 7 to 9 times. They then worked with a combination of photos and mirrors to render their eye using a combination of charcoal and graphite.




Trompe L'oeil

These drawings are also super realistic and are done to trick the eye and create an optical illusion that the objects are actually three dimensional objects on the page. The drawings are done using a combination of graphite and charcoal in the same way the
 super realism images were done. With practice the students w able to create masterful drawings.

Graphic Design

Students created an isometric architectural drawing using the Sketchbook app based on the work of MC Escher. They 
created their own surreal environments.

Linoleum Prints

Students created a series of images using the process of linoleum printing. The design is cut and printed. Students used 
similar techniques used by MC Escher in many of his works. The printed image is a reverse of the linoleum cut.


Art Nouveau Posters

Students studied poster art of the Art Nouveau movement. They chose a media they wanted to use to create their posters. 
They used a variety of different media and topics.


Final Exam

Students chose an envelope containing a quote and 3 photos. They did not see the images or quotes in advance. Students then used any media covered in the class to create an image that utilized the quote and two of the three images in them. Their finished works of art were amazingly varied, creative, and individual. What a great semester.