Public Space Recycling in Bellevue

Below is the list of some of the many public locations In Bellevue with recycling containers:
American Heroes Park (Concession)  Highway 370 & Payne Dr
Aspen Park (Playgrounds, Pool & Tennis Court)  53rd & Arrow Rock Dr
 Baldwin Field  (Ball Field & Concession)    Ludwig Dr
 BID          210 W Mission Ave
 Cascio Pool & Park  1500 Lawrence Lane
 Everett Park          Betz Rd & Wilshire Dr
 Faukland Heights  8700 S 48th St
 Gilbert Pool & Park  2900 Jackson St 
 Golden Hills Park  Golden Blvd & Bline Ave
 Hastings/Banner NDR Trail & Shelter  50th & Robin Dr
*Hastings/Banner Park - Glass & Regular Recycling  50th & Virginia Dr.
Haworth Camp grounds 2502 Payne Drive
 Haworth Park (Concession) 2502 Payne Drive
 *Haworth Park - Glass & Regular Recycling 2502 Payne Drive
 McCann Field  Marion Ave & Harrington Ave 
 Swanson Park  3102 Cornhusker
 Thompson Park  151 W 26th Ave
 Two Springs Park  3500 Spring Blvd
 Washington Park  20th St & Franlink Ave

The City of Bellevue's public space recycling program will be continually improving. If you would like to see the program expanded, resident feedback for areas of interest is encouraged. All containers are fully funded from a grant from the DEQ and Environmental Trust, not via resident fees or taxes.

Do you have questions, comments or concerns? Contact Epiphany Ramos, Wastewater Operations Manager,
City of Bellevue, at

*These are large containers - see more on our Recycling Drop off Sites page.