Electronics Collection - 4/30

Bring anything with a cord or battery to dispose at the Sarpy County Earth Day! Sponsored by Cross Training Centers. All items are used to provide vocational training and job experience for disadvantaged men and women at the Cross Training Center.

All electronics, working or not. Anything with a cord or a battery are accepted!
  • As small as a cell phone – to as large as a car and everything in between!
  • Computers, Servers, Monitors, Laptops, Televisions
  • Small & Large Appliances (stove, refrigerators, washer, driers, toaster)
  • Cell phones, Copiers, Printers, Cameras
  • Stereos, Receivers, Sound Equipment
Environmental fees are:
There is a small fee for CRT items (old monitors, TV’s and projection TV’s), microwaves, and alkaline batteries.

CRT monitors up to 15” are $10 each and larger ones are $15.

Televisions are:
$20 up to 30”
$30 up to 40”
$40 up to 50”
$50 up to 60” and so forth.

Bulk alkaline batteries are $1.20 per pound. Other batteries are collected at no charge.

See https://www.crossrecycling.com/ or call 402-590-2100 with questions!