Green 81 Vinyl Records & More

First Saturday Sidewalk Sales have returned to Santa Cruz, and will continue through the Fall 2021.

We always like looking at records. As throughout the last ten years, we continue buy, sell and trade with collectors and sellers.

Contact us for more details. Leave a voice message or text at (831) 316-4779.

Currently scheduled First Saturday sales (9am - 3pm - Weather, staffing, and inventory dependent)

More details to follow ...

Buy Local. Stay Safe. Be Cool.


You can reach us or maintain contact on our Discogs page, our YouTube channel, our Facebook page or even our Twitch stream.

Every First Saturday from 9am - 3pm (or sometimes later) / Off River Street near Downtown Santa Cruz

303 Potrero Street #47-103, silver Sash Mill Buildings adjacent to Route 1.

We have a wide selection of refurbished, used, new and factory sealed vinyl records, including Rock, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Blues and modern Pop.

We are slowly, but surely, moving our entire vinyl catalog onto our online storefront at Discogs.

Will pay cash for quality vinyl record titles (jazz, rock, funk, R&B, blues, electronic). Large collections will be highly prioritized and receive immediate attention. If you have smaller collections, please email a brief description. We are willing to survey your vinyl and we will transport the entire lot away, and find a good home for those records. Let us see your collection before you let your friends and family cherry pick your

most valuable vinyl.

We refurbish, clean, repair and provide TLC to vinyl records, sleeves and miscellany to sell online and in our storeroom. Our storeroom is located at 303 Potrero Street, Suite 47-103 in Santa Cruz is open by appointment only.

We also repair, refurbish and sell used turntables and quality stereo equipment.

We are a supportive employment company, giving employment preference to those with disabilities, a mental health diagnosis, a history of homelessness, and limited employment histories.

For information and updates on our storeroom and our inventory, please check out our Instagram or Facebook page.

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