Warrior Kit

We'll supply all basic trip costs bikes, petrol, beer, food, camping, hotels, what ever riding involves. You just need to know how to ride and bring your gear. We'll throw in a souvenir PLA mess kit for each rider and take you to an underground surplus bunker if you need extras.

So bring your own boots, jacket, lots of layers, wool, hi tech warm weather gear (its can get a bit chilly), gloves, (inners and outers for cold weather), double socks, helmets if you want, scarves, g-strings etc. (see kit below). Also bring yer own light first aid kit, ie bandaids, aspirin, mossie spray whatever you want. We'll have a more serious first aid kit with us. Further details of needed gear and preparation are supplied on trip confirmation.

Yer Kit (supplied)
This is standard and compulsory issue for all for our nights under the stars. It will include:
- Water proof duffel bag
- PLA issue sleeping bag (waterproof, warm, and camo)
- Double walled Tents, shared 2 man crash space
- PLA issue ground mat (self inflating camp mattress style)
- Water proof ground sheet (for under, and over if it rains aussie swag style)
- mess kit (take home souvenir)
- LED torch
- compass keyring
- map

Stuff we can get for you if you come early Day 1...
I have located the world's best PLA army surplus warehouse in an underground bunker in a secret location in Beijing. Seriously cool place. Check out below for "an idea" of what you can get and prices. I'm 190cm and a xxl and the largest stuff is ok for me so lets say there are two sizes, mine and a bit smaller, choose.

Fliers Goggles
Compact, lightweight, reasonable vision
leather with tinted glass

PLA Trench Coat
heavy full length winter coat used by the poor sucker that stand around guarding things in -10 degree winters.
warm but not waterproof
a good look though and very authentic

Assorted PLA Issue Winter coats
Different colours and styles, some leather
If you want these its pot luck according to size available on the day.
all pretty snazzie though (as you can see)
padded cotton 250rmb
leather 450rmb (I reckon the leather one is a good choice riding jacket)

Chinese Airforce Pilots Suit
2 pieces leather fliers outfit. Pretty cool and i think a good piece of kit for riding.

Airforce Goggles
Seriously nice goggles, my pick. Interchangeable clear and tinted glass
350rmb (out of stock at the warehouse, have to buy them at the regular market so pricey but worth it.

Heavy Felt PLA Trenchcoat
Pretty warm and pretty damn cool.
not waterproof

PLA Fur Hat
A must for every well dressed warrior and if your riding no helmet in the cold you'll want this baby.