Epic Classic China Sidecar Group Rides

Genghis Khan Run

Ride in the hoof prints of the marauding hordes on your Classic Chinese Military Sidecar Motorcycle Chang Jiang 750 for a once in a lifetime adventure of riding, freedom, exploration and general "getting messy". From Beijing transfer north to the Russian/Chinese/Mongolian border where your bike awaits. Get to know your new baby, your new mates and a new country and spend the next 9 days on the road through the remote wastelands, rugged mountains and endless "steppes" of inner Mongolia and finally breach the Great Wall of China in the mountains north of Beijing. The capital is ours!

Let us make you a custom group trip for 6 riders minimum (May-Sept)
 or now you can join solo on our "Genghis Khan Birthday Run" departing mid August 2017 Because Life is Short, Long Live the Run
Genghis K.