Vocabulary self-quizzes are bonus assignments to help students make more mental connections with the curriculum, understand test questions, and have better reading comprehension. Test scores tend to be higher in reading and in other areas for students who have larger vocabularies.
  1. Copies of the Regents vocabulary self-quizzes are available in room 168 in the file cabinet drawer labeled “bonus”. 
  2. Write out the entire definition for each Tier 2 or Tier 3 vocabulary term from the guided notes to receive bonus credit. 
  3. Students must have completely finished all assignments for the unit to be eligible for bonus.
  4. All printed vocabulary self-quizzes for a particular subject will be collected on the day of the test. 
  5. All bonus opportunities are listed daily on Mr. Stresing’s Assignments & Assessments Calendar.
All bonus assignments are out of zero (0) points in Infinite Campus. If you completed a bonus assignment, it will be 0 “Pts” and your “Score” will have a # value. The # value is the bonus points total for the assignment. A zero (0) on a bonus assignment does NOT impact your marking period grade.