Students will not bring a cell phone or other electronic devices to class. 
  1. All electronic devices will be confiscated and sent to student’s unit office.
Students will be kind and courteous to classmates and teacher.
  1. Students will use an “inside voice” in the classroom.
  2. Students will give undivided attention to the teacher during classroom instruction.
  3. Students will listen when other classmates or teacher is talking.
  4. Students will respect opinions and ideas of others. Mr. Stresing will not tolerate any negative comments about another’s ideas, opinions and work.
Students will be to class on time and be ready to begin work when the bell rings.
  1. Students will be in their seat ready to work when the bell rings.
  2. Students will not be permitted to return to locker after the bell rings.
  3. Students will read the directions at the top of the page before starting any assignment or assessment.
  4. Students must use the proper heading provided by Mr. Stresing on all assignments.
  5. Students will bring a three-ring 3” binder with dividers, textbook, student planner, paper, highlighter, and writing utensil to class every day.
  6. Students must have the newer materials in the front of their 3-ring binder.
  7. Students are NOT allowed to have materials from different subjects in their 3-ring binder.
Students will bring their sense of humor, art skills, cartooning, music skills, and creative writing skills to class and be willing to share them to help others learn.
  1. Participation in class discussions and answering questions is very important to a student’s success.