Procrastination is putting off or avoiding doing something that a person must do. It is natural to procrastinate occasionally. However, excessive procrastination can result in guilt feelings about not doing a task when it should be done. It also causes anxiety since the task still needs to be done. Further, excessive procrastination causes poor performance if a student tries to complete a task with little time remaining. In short, excessive procrastination can interfere in doing well in all subjects in school.
  1. Students are given more time than needed to accurately complete a Review Self-Test or essay pre-writing for a subject.
  2. Students are instructed to finish the Review Self-Test or essay pre-writing a few days before the test to have time to study.
  3. However, many students are NOT getting a good night rest before the test because they are attempted to complete a Review Self-Test or essay pre-writing in one night, rather than dividing the materials into “chunks” to complete over a few days.
  4. All assignment due dates and assessment dates are listed daily on Mr. Stresing’s Assignments & Assessments Calendar.