Student must complete all classroom and homework assignments on time. 
  1. All late assignments, except for essay pre-writing and online multiple-choice tests, will receive a 10% score reduction for every school day late (not class day). 
  2. Full-day legal absences, weekends, and holidays are NOT counted in the score reduction for late assignments. 
  3. Essay pre-writing assignments will NOT be accepted for late credit due to the amount of time provided to complete these assignments in and outside of class. In addition, multiple-choice tests will not be allowed to be completed after the due time/date.
Students will be responsible for making up assignments and assessments when absent.
  1. Students will check their “study buddy” for assignments and assessments missed during absence.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for the assignments after an absence. Students must not wait until the next class. Students have four minutes between classes to request missed assignments. In addition, students can request the assignments before and after school, during advisement and before lunch. If needed, Mr. Stresing will write them a late pass to their next class if time is needed to explain the assignment. 
  3. If a student is absent, the assignment must be turned in the next school day (not class day) to avoid a score reduction.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a time to make up an assessment. A grade of a zero will be given to students that do not make their appointment. 
Students are required to write all assignment and assessment information for each class in their Greece Athena High School student planner. Students will NOT be allowed to discard any pages from their student planner. 
  1. While students are expected to write their assignments in their planner. However, there is an online assignments & assessments calendar available at The online assignments & assessments calendar provides a daily update of assignment due dates and assessment dates for both Regents and AP classes.
If students have difficulty with a writing assignment, Mr. Stresing is available to provided extra help after school with notification. Mr. Stresing will not stay after school for students to complete late assignments. All teachers are unavailable on Tuesdays due to mandatory professional development.