For assistance with Infinite Campus Parent Portal, please contact Mrs. Dieter (

What is the Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal?

Before a conversation or conference with a parent about the academic performance of their child, it is important your child first initiate a conversation with Mr. Stresing about his/her concerns. It is essential for high school students to become self-advocates, a skill needed to be college and career ready. 

Throughout the school year, parents are encouraged to view the Assignments & Assessments Calendar at to empower them with the information to be able to ask their child about a grade of a particular assignment. All graded assignments and assessments will be returned to the students, except for the multiple-choice assessments.

Parents and students have the ability to access essential information about their child’s academic progress (progress/quarterly grades, attendance, schedule, behavior, etc.) at school using the Infinite Campus Portal through the Internet. There are separate Infinite Campus portals for parents and students. It is intended as another method to increase communication and to raise student accountability. 

All parents/guardians and student have the ability to access the Infinite Campus Portal App from an iOS or Android devices, which will send push notifications when updated.  

What If You Forget Your Infinite Campus Username and/or Password?
    1. Using an Internet browser, NOT the Infinite Campus app, enter
    2. If on a computer, scroll down the page to the Infinite Campus link.
    3. If on a cell phone, click on Menu, then Popular Links, and then Infinite Campus.
    4. Enter your username (lunch number), and click on Forgot Password.
    5. Enter your username again and click Continue.
    6. An e-mail will be sent to your Google Gmail. It may take 15 minutes or longer to receive this e-mail.
    7. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to reset your password.
Please note there is no automated method to retrieve your Infinite Campus username and/or password. You will need to contact Mrs. Dieter ( Mrs. Dieter will make a request to district technology to have your password reset, or retrieve your username information.  This process will take a few days. Please be sure to write down your Infinite Campus username and password somewhere and keep it in a secure place.

New Enrolled Student To The Greece Central School District

A new student to Greece Central School District who is logging onto Infinite Campus for the first time this school year will need to do the following:
      1. Using an Internet browser, NOT the Infinite Campus app, enter
      2. If on a computer, scroll down the page to the Infinite Campus link.
      3. If on a cell phone, click on Menu, then Popular Links, and then Infinite Campus.
      4. The temporary password will be the new student's initials and their 6-digit birth date (ex. jj070103).
      5. The next screen will request their temporary password, then be asked to create a new password, and to verify the new password. 
      6. The next screen will request their new password, then be asked to enter their Google Gmail address, and to verify their Google Gmail address.
      7. The new students should be logged into Infinite Campus. Note: The District Name is "Greece Central".