Students have the ability to review essential AP World History terms using The Original Ultimate AP World History Interactive Flashcards Set on
  1. Students could make flash cards from the questions and answers from their Review Self-Tests and/or Vocabulary Self-Quizzes. Students should write the question on a side and on the other side write the answer(s).
  2. Using flash cards, a student would be attempting to remember the concept from scratch rather than simply staring at the passage in a textbook/guided notes or recognizing it on a multiple-choice quiz.
  3. When students reveal the answer side of a flashcard to assess their correctness, they are essentially asking themselves “How did my answer compare to this correct answer?” and “How well did I know (or not know) it?”
  4. Because flashcards exist loosely, rather than tied to a book or notes, students are able to separate them into piles based on whether (or how often) the student needs to study them again.