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1 Classes 1 中文班报名表 Student Application Form  New student, tryout, schedule, fee, change family information  
1 Classes 2 成人班报名表 Adults Class Form Signup classes/clubs for parents and adults 
1 Classes 3 课程注册表 Course Registration Form Tuition sheet  
1 Classes 4 合唱队时间表 Choir Schedule Chinese Choir class dates and time 
1 Classes 5 民族舞时间表 Dance Class Schedule Dance class dates and time 
1 Classes 6 家长活动时间表 Parents Activities Schedule Sunday Parents Activities Dates and Time 
2 School 4 家庭介绍奖励 Family Referral Program Get rewards for referring new students 
2 School 5 学费退学表 Tuition Refund Form  File tuition refund for classes and books  
2 School 6. 困难申请 Reduced Tuition Application Apply for reduced Chinese class tuition  
3 Parents 1 家长值班报名表 Parent On-Duty Form Sign up to volunteer and help the school operation. 
3 Parents 2 家长民意调查 Parents Survey From Share your feedback for school improvement 
4 Students 1 义工小时记录表 Volunteer Log Hours Log your volunteer hours  
4 Students 2 义工活动报名表 Volunteer Signup Form Sign up volunteer activities  
4 Students 3 义工活动验证表 Volunteer Verification Verify volunteer hours outside Chinese school  
4 Students 4 龙舟赛赛队报名表 Dragon Boat Team Sign up Dragon boat race team  
4 Students 5 暑期中文班 Summer Chinese Camp Summer Chinese Camp 
4 Students 6 暑期SAT补习班 SAT Summer Course College Prep class offered by Princeton Review 
5 Class Enrichment 1 家庭作业辅导 Homework Club From Free tutoring by our high school students 
5 Class Enrichment 2 中文写作指导报名 Read & Write  Read and Write Enrichment Class 
5 Class Enrichment 3. 主持朗诵班报名MC Training Class MC Training Class 
7 Teachers 1 教师申请表Teacher Application Form  Apply teacher position 
7 Teachers 2 教职资格验证 I-9  Employment Eligibility Verification 
8 Events 1 圣诞节活动报名 School Holiday Party Sign Up Food, Culture Performance and Santa Visit 
8 Events 2 月饼订购 Mooncake Order Form  Order Mooncakes 
8 Events 3 圣诞节义工 Holiday Volunteer Sign Up Volunteer to help school holiday event 
8 Events 5. 访问老人院 Holiday Nursing Home Visits Visit Nursing Homes to bring joys to the residents 
8 Events 6 长城歌舞团活动报名表 Event sigh up for Adult Team 
8 Events 7. 春节义工报名 Chinese New Year Volunteer Sign Up Sign up to help the event 
8 Events 8. 春节冷冻食品订购 Chinese New Year Food Order Form Order frozen whole food  
8 Events 8. 长城学生合唱报名 Great Wall Student Choir Sign up Join Chinese New Year Student Choir on stage 
Showing 30 items