Welcome to your class blog. This is a chance for Pre-School to share with parents all the fun activities that we have been doing during the course of the week.

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  • Welcome to Pre-School It has been a fun few weeks settling all of the new children in to Pre-School but the older children have enjoyed helping the teachers and have been very grown up. Our topic is 'Me and my family'. We have talked about where we went for our summer holidays and the children have shared their photos and enjoyed talking in front of the class doing show and tell.Our playhouse has become "Great Missenden Campsite" complete with a camp fire. The children had great fun building tents and pretending to cook burgers and sausages. We have taken advantage of our beautiful surroundings and have been harvesting tomatoes and blackberries. We made a roasted tomato salsa for snack. One of ...
    Posted 22 Sep 2014, 09:34 by ceryl taylor
  • Family Gardening Day We had a lovely day for our gardening event. The children enjoyed a variety of activities including making a bee house, a cress head, a seed bomb and planting their own sunflower or runner bean. The children all went home with their arms full. As well as making things to take home the children and our helpers weeded the allotment and planted up the raised beds in the Pre-School garden.We have radishes, carrots, peas, beans, tomatoes, courgettes, strawberries and hopefully some cauliflowers too, all planted in our gardens. We look forward to trying them out for snack at cookery soon.
    Posted 4 Jun 2014, 00:14 by ceryl taylor
  • Growing Great Missenden Pre-School loved the mini topic of minibeasts as part of our main growing theme. The children took on the roles of being bees and were busily collecting pollen, pollinating plants and taking nectar back to the hive. In these pictures the children are using the pipettes to collect nectar and take it bake to the hive.Pre-School have some new visitors in the form of caterpillars and tadpoles. The children are observing them daily, eagerly waiting for any signs of change. It has started lots of conversations about what they would like to be if they could change. The general thought was that they would like to stay as they are as they would miss their families if ...
    Posted 4 Jun 2014, 00:02 by ceryl taylor
  • Fruity frogs come to school As part of our growing topic we have been learning about the life cycle of frogs. We have a small tank with lots of tadpoles to allow the children to observe the changes as they develop into froglets then frogs. We wanted to do some cookery with a froggy theme but we weren't sure how well frog's legs would be received (or where we would source them from!). Instead the children made their own fruity frog made entirely from fruit. The end products didn't last for long but we did manage to get a couple of photos. 
    Posted 13 May 2014, 13:20 by ceryl taylor
  • Rain doesn't stop play. Pre-School have settled back in after the Easter holidays. We have been busy exploring colours and what happens when they are mixed. To do this we set up a 'science lab' with test tubes, pipettes and the magic ingredient - ice! The children mixed colours and explored the new colours they had created by pouring them onto the ice block.   Unfortunately it has been a damp week but we made the most of this and explored capacity and time. The children selected jugs, beakers, pots and pans. We looked at the size of the the pots and discussed who had the largest and smallest and thought about who's would fill up the quickest and who's would take the ...
    Posted 2 May 2014, 01:14 by ceryl taylor
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