This website has been created to share great online sites, programs, apps, and other resources with teachers.  Also, all teachers at GRCSS have access to add their own links and information to this site.  

To add your own sites or iPad app information, simply follow these steps:

1)  Login to Google Docs for GRCSS.  (If you do not login, you will not be able to Add Items)

2)  Choose the overall Category of information that you would like to add by expanding the Online Sites Category or the iPad Apps Category.  Then choose either All Subjects or the specific subject area that you would like to add information about either a online site or iPad app.

3)  Next click the Add Item button as seen in the image below.  (DO NOT CUSTOMIZE THE LIST)

4)  Fill out the fields of information in the with the information listed in brackets in the example below and then Press Save.  It is recommended that you copy the address to any website resource so that it is entered accurately and completely (website addresses do need the http://  at the beginning).   Also, do not forget to enter your last name as the contributor.  This will recognize you as a contributor to the site and give people a point of contact if they want more information or want to swap ideas.

5)  You should now see your site listed in the area that you have chosen.  Keep in mind that you can edit your listing or even delete it by simply clicking in the white space around your information.  By doing so, it will bring up the form that contains all the information that you entered.  Also, keep in mind that I have entrusted all of you with the power to edit each others links as well.  Please edit responsibly or ask for help if you need it.

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