Grants Awarded

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RecipientDate of DonationAmountRecipient Web Site
RecipientDate of DonationAmountRecipient Web Site
Austin Community College 2004 August $2,500 to be used for the Video Game Developer program Austin Community College 
South Texas Academic Rising Scholars of McAllen, Texas, to help provide scholarships 2007 August $15,000  
American Cancer Society, as a matching donation to the Calvary Baptist Pre-teen team participating in the Mitchell County Relay for Life annual event 2015 August $2,500  
The Seton Fund 2004 December $60,000 The Seton Fund 
Seton Fund 2004 December $60,000 
The Central Texas Literacy Center of Austin, Texas, for the construction of a Literacy Center 2006 December $5,000  
The Food Bank of Crowell, Texas, to meet the nutritional needs of the economically disadvantaged in Crowell, Texas 2006 December $5,000  
The Seton Fund of Austin, Texas, to expand its nursing education program 2006 December $50,000  
The Aldersgate Enrichment Center of Early, Texas, for their General Program Fund 2006 December $25,000  
The Clements Boys and Girls Clubs, Inc., headquartered in Killeen, Texas, to establish The Green Vest Scholarship Program 2006 December $35,000  
Southwestern Diabetic Foundation of Gainesville, Texas 2007 December $7,000  
Crowell Food Bank 2007 December $5,000  
Seton League House of Austin, Texas 2007 December $25,000  
Amarillo Family Care Foundation of Amarillo, Texas 2007 December $8,000  
Green Vest Scholarship Program 2007 December $85,000  
Baylor Health Care System (Mercy Ships) 2012 December $100,000  
Central Texas College (to be used in distance learning program for returning veterans) 2012 December $20,000  
Southwest Diabetic Foundation for camperships to Camp Sweeney 2006 July $5,000  
Michelson Museum of Art in Marshall, Texas, to help fund educational programs 2007 July $5,000  
Book Boosters of Austin, Texas 2005 June $25,000 Angela Shelf Medearis, The Kitchen Diva! 
Rolling Plains Educational Fund 2004 May $25,000 (in honor of Dannie Graves)  
The Seton Fund 2004 May $50,000 The Seton Fund 
Rolling Plains Educational Foundation of Crowell, Texas for the renovation of the Community Activity Center building 2006 May $50,000  
Southwestern Diabetic Foundation 2004 November $9,000 (to provide camperships for 5 children to attend Camp Sweeney) Camp Sweeney 
Alvarado Public Library 2004 November $40,000 Alvarado Public Library 
Faith in Action 2015 November $30,000  
Mercy Ships Crew Acount 2015 November $55,000  
Harrisburg High School Scholarship 2015 November $40,000  
Faith in Action 2015 November $30,000  
Mercy Ships Crew Account 2015 November $55,000  
Graves-Absher Scholarship 2015 November $40,000 
Josh Hulme Memorial Scholarship 2016 November $5,000 
Crowell Food Bank 2016 November $7,500  
Muleshoe ISD MOST Scholarship 2016 November $5,000  
Graves-Absher Scholarship 2016 November $40,000  
Mercy Ships - sponsor gymnasium for new ship 2016 November $75,000  
Mercy Ships 2013 October $60,000  
Green Vest Boys' and Girls' Club 2013 October $60,000  
Showing 38 items