Check out our amazing line up of performers for the 3rd annual Skyline Improv Festival!

Dittsi is Calvin Dittmore and Danielle Susi. Calvin Dittmore has been improvising for over a decade, having coached and performed at iO West, iO Chicago, and The Second City. Danielle Susi has performed and produced at iO Chicago and at many other theaters around Chicago and New York.

JoKyR and Jesster
Hailed by contemporaries as “the punk rock of long form improv,” Utah duo JoKyR and Jesster are known for intelligent comedy, energetic drama, and above all, their brutal honesty. While performing a frenetic combination of character-based and “meta” improv, the performers are perfectly willing to drag their emotional baggage on stage with them. From there, though, the baggage isn’t so much unpacked, as it is exploded on the tarmac. Through impromptu scenes, monologues, poetry, performance art… and the occasional rap battle or wrestling match… the duo explore the politics, religion, personal relationships, and 1980s pop trivia that make them the incredibly attractive and desirable men they are today. 

Kazum Jackson's Hilarious Plague
Kazum Jackson's Hilarious Plague is the official improv team of the University of Utah's Youth Theatre program. Composed of high school theatre students from throughout the state, Kazum Jackson has been destroying the competition at Skyline's Improv Cage Matches from the very beginning. A perennial audience favorite, this season Kazum Jackson smashed all records by winning every. single. cage match.


The Skyline Slylines
The Skyline Slylines is the official improv troupe of Skyline High School, in Salt Lake City, Utah. But, don't be fooled by their age -- the Slylines are a force to be reckoned with! Under the direction of Maestro Joseph Kyle Rogan (JoKyR and Jesster), the troupe trains voraciously in a wide variety of improv styles and forms. These performers are just as comfortable on stage as any adult troupe, and they're hungry to show their skills. Their energetic performances focus on strong characters, honest perspectives, dynamic relationships, and surprisingly sophisticated humor. The Slylines are also proud to play a major role in the Utah improv community. The troupe hosts teams of all ages in their monthly cage matches, runs a regular series of workshops with professional instructors, and produces an annual festival that draws troupes and instructors from all areas of the state. Now, the troupe is continuing to broaden its horizons by traveling to festivals to share their art with the national community. 

The comedy duo ToySoup, composed of Andrew Jensen and Troy Taylor, have delightedly performed together for over 15 years. Their outstanding chemistry charms audiences of all ages with a mix of wit and physicality they perform a show you must see to believe. ToySoup has had the honor to perform in the Phoenix, Denver, Austin, Idaho, and Red Rock improv festivals. As well as winning “audience” and “judges choice” at the Snubfest festival in Chicago. Together they have produced multiple short films, co-produced the local sketch show “Sketchophrenia” and frankly are just overall nice guys. Find all the info you need at