Guest Artists

SIF 2018 Special Guests

Community Theatre 3000
CT3K loves theatre. They have performed in and watched a ton of it. With a love of theatre comes a close and personal relationship with terrible theatre. 

This show asks the question, what if someone said out loud during the performance, the thoughts we say on the car ride home. 

Complete with terrible dialogue, performances, directing and calling for lines, our talented performers recreate live theatre nightmares all the while be decimated by a much too honest team of hecklers.

This show is a local favorite and has delighted audiences since 2016. We are proud to have accepted/performed at these improv festivals: Red Rocks, Westside Comedy Fest, Wasatch, Orange County and Impro's Winterfest. 

Originating from Spectacles Improv Engine in Fullerton, CA.

Disappointing the Family
SIF is excited to welcome back alumni of Skyline Drama and Kazum Jackson's Hilarious Plague, Jayne Moyes, Jace von App, and Fynn White!

Calvin Dittmore has been improvising for over a decade, having coached and performed at iO West, iO Chicago, and The Second City. Danielle Susi has performed and produced at iO Chicago and at many other theaters around Chicago and New York. Together, they are DITTSI.

History Made Up
History Made Up is an improv comedy podcast that is designed to travel the country showcasing all this wonderful local talent. We get local celebrities (meteorologists, sports casters, zoo spokespeople, ect.) to come on and tell a historical story based on their profession. Then the host, Will Frazier improvises with a group of local improvisers! History Made Up comes out every Wednesday.

Josh Nicols
Josh is a founder of Spectacles Improv Engine in Fullerton Ca. He is the director of The Orange County Improv Festival and founder and former director of the The Improv Cup. He has been performing improv for 24 years and coaching/teaching for a decade. Josh seeks out opportunities to learn from improv's greatest luminaries. He has studied under instructors from iO West & Chicago, The Annoyance Theater, Groundlings, Second City, UCB & The Pack Theater. Josh is the creator of Spectacles Improv Engine's unique focus based curriculum. He teaches with a concentration on organic, in-the-moment improvisation which can help build confidence on stage and off. He directed the improvised play The Awkward Party which was recognized as the 2017 Best Play in the OC by OC Weekly Magazine. He has proudly taught as a Master Teacher at Camp Improv Utopia, Off The Cuff in Cedar City, The Torch in Phoenix, Finest City Improv in San Diego, For The City of Rancho Cucamonga, The Jewish Federation and Family Services, Crittenton, Agile Project Management and The Coup De Comedy Festival.

Kat and Nate
Kat Kenny and Nate Stubbs love improv and each other. They’ve been married for 7 years, together for 20 and love making art on the spot. They perform together on 3 different improv teams and also have their own teams – Nate with Da Boyz and Kat with her lotto show, Get Lucky with Kat.  They’re both acting/improv teachers at Actor’s Rep Theatre in West Palm Beach, Florida and they do as many fests as time allows. This is the first time performing a duo with each other.  WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!  (We know.  The suspense is killing us.)  This show will either destroy their marriage or bring them closer together.  (Maybe. Probably not. Who knows.)

Kathleen Kenny
Kathleen Kenny is the Improv Director & Education Director at Bob Carter’s Actor’s Rep in West Palm Beach where she’s been teaching short form and long form improvisation to improvisers of all levels for the past 10 years as well as acting classes for over 15 years. She currently plays with Actors’ Rep house team Friends with Benefits, Mod 27’s Bananas Republic and Improv U’s Business Casual. She’s been doing her lotto show Get Lucky with Kat for over a year and often guests with local improv troupes and doing as many fests as time allows. She received her B.F.A. in acting from the Actor Training Program at the University of Utah and is a graduate of the UCB Training Center in NYC as well as levels I & II of the I.O Chicago Intensives in Miami where she studied with Charna Halpern, Tara Defrancisco & Jason Shotts. She has had multiple classes with Susan Messing, David Razowsky and Joe Bill as well as workshops with many other improvisers who excel at their craft. She has coached multiple local troupes over the years and currently coaches teams Daddy’s Little Nest Egg, Free Tacos, Group Therapy and Da Boyz. Kat is proud to have taught workshops at the Tampa Improv fest, Palm Beach Improv Fest & the Improv U Improv Cruise and will soon be heading to Salt Lake City as a teacher and performer for the Skyline Improv Fest.

Kazum Jackson's Hilarious Plague
The official improv troupe of the University of Utah's Youth Theatre Conservatory, under the direction of Penny Caywood, Kazum Jackson has been a consistent audience favorite at Skyline. During the 2016-2017 school year, the team even went undefeated throughout the entire cage match season, prompting us to switch to a bracket system!

Murder Fairy & Arson Leprechaun
Michael and Jesse have been performing Improv around Utah for about 10 years each. Over time, they noticed they each had a strange knack for pulling the audience down the rabbit hole and performing a very surreal and unpredictable show full of energy, snark and meta humor. They figured why fight it when you can use it? So they teamed up as MF~AL!

MF~AL doesn't focus much on structure or plot, but prefers to explore all of the possibilities for nonsensical character and gimmick work. That mixed with improvised songs and their unique "toot and ding" style of audience inclusion ,ensures a roller-coaster ride of a performance that is guaranteed to be a ton of fun!

Pawn Takes Queen is a long form improv team hailing from Southern Utah, aka Mormon Land, USA. (Addendum: We checked, but none of us are actually Mormon, although Wendy used to be and Rev claims he saw one once but it was foggy and may have been a stop sign.) Over the course of 25 minutes, our brave heroes will use a single suggestion to weave a single scene rich in relationships and oddball tangents.

Having been performing together for 5+ years, PTQ has played in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dublin, Phoenix, Orange County, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Alaska, and most of Southern Utah.

Pictures of Spaghetti
Pictures of Spaghetti is a long-form improv team from Orange County, California that performs the "Usual Suspects" form. They play fast and loose, following what's interesting for as long as it's interesting. Made up of experienced improvisers from Orange County, CA, Pictures of Spaghetti digs into a spectrum of characters and worlds without taking themselves too seriously.

Formed in late 2015, Pictures of Spaghetti has performed at the iO West's Del Close Theatre in Hollywood, Pack Theater in Hollywood, Improv Collective in Costa Mesa, Orange County Improv Festival 2016, Ventura Improv Festival 2016, Red Rocks Improv Festival 2016, and monthly at Spectacles Improv Engine.

Simple, hearty, filling.

The Purdy Twins
Prudence and Pervis, the Purdy Twins, started as character improv and evolved to include clown and audience participation. Truly, the audience is the third player on stage.

Inspired by past eras, the Purdy Twins are stuck in time. You will not see iPhones or computers. You will see the Charleston, yo-yos, and hear about the new star, Cole Porter.

We are silly, character/relationship driven, and excited to be anywhere with a stage.

The Skyline Slylines
The Skyline Slylines is the official improv troupe of Skyline High School, in Salt Lake City, Utah. But, don't be fooled by their age -- the Slylines are a force to be reckoned with! Under the direction of Maestro Joseph Kyle Rogan (Fleecy Bits, JoKyR and Jesster), the troupe trains voraciously in a wide variety of improv styles and forms. These performers are just as comfortable on stage as any adult troupe, and they're hungry to show their skills. Their energetic performances focus on strong characters, honest perspectives, dynamic relationships, and surprisingly sophisticated humor.

The Slylines are also proud to play a major role in the Utah improv community. The troupe hosts teams of all ages in their monthly cage matches, runs a regular series of workshops with professional instructors, and produces an annual festival that draws troupes and instructors from all areas of the state. Now, the troupe is continuing to broaden its horizons by traveling to festivals to share their art with the national community.

ToySoup with Beans
The award-winning comedy duo ToySoup, composed of Andrew Jensen and Troy Taylor, have blissfully performed together for over 15 years and hundreds of shows. Their outstanding chemistry delights audiences of all ages, and has made them a favorite at Skyline's cage matches and workshops. With a mix of wit and physicality, they perform a comedy show you must see to believe. At SIF 2018, ToySoup will be adding the musical flair of the incredibly talented Benjamin Brinton, to become ToySoup with Beans!

What's So Funny
A small club of students that focuses on learning the fundamentals of improv through weekly workshops and experiencing the joys of performing for a live audience. Our crew is comprised of current students and a few that have just stuck around because they love what we do so much. We try to emphasize clean comedy to encourage an audience of all ages. Always looking for new members and friends.