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Grand Traverse Herald
25 Feb 1892 pg 9
An Important Business Change

    The HERALD announces, this week, an important business change.  On the first of February, Mr. Frank Hamilton of the firm of Hamilton & Milliken purchased from his partner, Mr. Milliken, the latter's interest in the clothing department of the firm, Mr. James W. Milliken is his turn purchasing Mr. Hamilton's interest in the dry goods department.
    The business of this firm has been steadily growing, necessitating frequent changes, but not until the erection of the new store in which they are now located could they complete the department plan, making the dry goods and clothing department each alike prominent in meeting the growing demands of the public.
    It is well known, probably, that for the last three years each partner has been almost entirely absorbed in the work of his respective department, which each will now continue in, necessarily relinquishing his interest in and familiarity with the other, but the difference will be so little apparent that without this announcement the public would hardly be aware of any change in the management, indeed, so far as the public is concerned, their interests are still identical.
    Hereafter the clothing business will be continued under the name and management of Frank Hamilton; the dry goods business under the name and by James W. Milliken.
    The spirit and energy that have heretofore characterized this firm will be none the less marked, we believe, in the change, but rather increased by the concentration of the efforts of each upon his own department, without losing sight of the whole; certain it is that each will seek to promote the interests of the other and serve the public well at the same time.
      The old familiar name of H & M. will be missed in business circles, but the HERALD is glad to know, and so will be the public generally, that the gentlemen who have made this name so well and favorably known, will continue to the important business factors in the welfare of our town and the surrounding country, and as we have said, as far as the public is concerned, the charge is more in name than in fact, and the same cordial feeling that has so long existed for the firm of "H & M" will continue to be shown to the new firms of Frank Hamilton and James W. Milliken.

Grand Traverse Herald
1st December 1892 pg 5
Traverse City
An Important Sale

    Ole Bostrum has bought, through the W. F. Harsha agency, the old Leach corner of Mr. Zinser?, taking 66 feet on Front street and 110 feet on Park street.  The consideration was $4950 cash.  The large wooden building will be moved on to the back part of the lot, facing Park street, and it is the intention of Mr. Bostrum to put up a handsome four story brick hotel on the corner, next season.  There is no better hotel corner in town then this, and Mr. Bostrum has made a success as a landlord.  He has had the Front Street house for several years, and large as it is has always been too small for his custom.  The new hotel will be a fine addition to the hotel accommodations of the town, and such a building will be a handsome addition to the street.


    A. W. Wells, of Wells, Higman & Co., proprietors of the new basket factory, came up from St. Joseph the first of the week to look over the work, which is progressing finely.  The new buildings are well under way and will be pushed to speedy completion.

Grand Traverse Herald
Traverse City
17 Mar 1892 pg 5
Ground was broken yesterday for two brick buildings on Union Street, just south of the Masonic Block.  One will be 23 1/2x100 feet, two stories and is built by R. H. Whiting.  Napolion Gilbo? has the contract.  The other is built by Joseph Lautner, and will be 23 1/2 x 80 feet.  We understand G. Franke will do the work on that building.

It is reported that Dr. Brownson will remove that part of the Transcript office material owned by him to Kingsley, where he will start a paper to be called "The Cyclone."  Grand Traverse county needs two or three more papers.

Daily Eagle
Traverse City, MI
2 Jun 1903

Frank Wilhelm and son will erect large building
On property purchased west of Water Works
Firm will also conduct a big meat business
Building will be of stone or brick, Three stories in height
     Frank Wilhelm and son Bert have recently purchased of Perry Hannah a 50-foot lot just West of and adjoining the waterworks property, and in the near future will erect a cold storage building thereon.  The building will be of either stone or brick and will be three stories in height, including the basement.  It will have a frontage of 50 feet and a depth of 100 feet.  The location is a very convenient one.
    The firm will be known as Frank Wilhelm & Son Co., and will do both a wholesale and a retail meat business.  Mr. Wilhelm has had a long experience in the meat business having been butcher at the Northern Michigan asylum for nearly 15 years.  Bert Wilhelm is a builder and architect and at present is building the new post-office at Manton.

Daily Eagle
Traverse City
7 Sep 1905 pg 4

David Ellis, wife and little son, have been the guests of H. E. Gibbs and wife of 722 Lake Avenue, the past 10 days, returned to their home at Flint today.  Mr. Ellis operated a bicycle shop in this city a few years ago and is in the same business there.

Daily Eagle
Traverse City
8 Sept 1905 pg 2
Geo. E. Coleman of Frankfort Moves Here
Bought Mrs. Ada R. Fuller's Store on West Side

Mrs. Ada R. Fuller has sold her grocery business at the corner of Randolph Street and Elmwood Avenue, to her brother-in-law, George E. coleman, of Frankfort, who has taken possession.

Mrs. Fuller has successfully conducted the store for the past four years.  For the past two years she has had sub-postal station Number 2 in the same building.  This she will continue to look after.

Daily Eagle
Traverse City
Sept 22 1905 page 4

The boarding house at Keystone has changed hands, William Prentiss, who has been proprietor for some time, selling out to Stephen McGarry, who resides near Keystone,  Mr. McGarry will assume charge of the house about the first of the month.

Traverse City Record Eagle
25 Mar 1947 pg 4
Old Mission Local News
The village blacksmith shop built in 1907 by Lawrence Mlujeak.  Mr. Mlujeak razed it and will build a garage on the lot, soon.

Jan 2 1947 pg 6
To Entertain club
Mrs. William dill and Miss Dorothy Dill will be hostesses to members of the Boardman Valley Mans club Wednesday. Jan 8th a potluck dinner will be at twelve-thirty.