2009 West Bay Freezing Over - Old Mission Peninsula

West Bay, On Old Mission Peninsula, 26th-28th of Jan 2009
Thank You, Mary Cook!! Photographer of the Day!

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Statement from Mary:
I do give you permission to use my three photos of West Bay freezing over this week. We're looking at West Bay from Peninsula Drive; Power Island is the island in the photos. The photos were taken about 7 miles out on Peninsula Drive--if you measure from Bryant Park.  (It's 6.5 miles from the light where Peninsula Drive splits from Center Road (M-37).

 11:37 a.m. 26th Jan, Monday:  "The Freeze is Coming"
    The "Bay" progressing toward freeze-over, some water still visible!

8:53 a.m. 27th Jan, Tuesday:  "The Freeze"..Closer                        "Bay" is now covered by ice                                                                  

                             10:08 a.m. 28th Jan, Wednesday:                         
The Freeze" Is Here!!!
A couple of inches of snow now covers the ice.    

30 January 2009, Traverse City Record Eagle, Bay Freezing