Grand Traverse County, Michigan

Grand Traverse county genealogy and history is the subject matter of this site.  There will be data on some adjoining counties as well.  Please join us in the review of this area.  If you have data you would like to see added please email Brenda at  This image is of downtown Traverse City.  I believe the time frame is about late 1880's-1900.  In the history of this town you will see references to Hannah, Lay & Company.  H & L Co is the huge 3 story building (not counting a full basement) on the left side of the photograph.  Several of the pages here are from the book, Grand Traverse & Leelanaw Counties, I have taken the liberty of putting full names when known and related notes.  For more material please visit the following webs and blogs.  Thank you, Brenda

Latest Addition: The History of Kingsley by the class 1958-59 - Feb 2009

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If there is a photo on a webpage without a text it means I am adding 123 photos to the web from the book above.  Typing the biographies will come after I set the pages up with photos.  If it says w/photo in the title it means, at the moment, that most pages are not complete but I have no other way to let you know which pages are done or not.