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GMMS Broadcasting Daily Bulletin

Please note - This page is updated daily during period 5 in the school day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.
If you are reading before that time you may need to check back.
Mr. Pickhardt

Good Morning GMMS!!!!  

Have a safe and wonderful summer break!

Attention parents and students.  
If you click this linkyou will be able to access and save a copy of the video shown at the 8th grade moving up ceremony Thursday evening.

Any students with accountabilities, your accountability payments should be made asap to the main office.

Attention all 6th and 7th graders.  Science teachers could really use your help! If you purchase drinks over the summer, please save the bottles if they are:
1. two-liter
2. straight sided
3. clear
They can be delivered to Mrs. Alender or Mrs. Buckley next September. Thank you!

Attention to all students that signed up for broadcast next year.  Broadcast will not show up on your schedules when you get them, other than possibly quarter 1 students.  But don’t worry.  Everyone is participating.  Attention 6th grade students, there are still broadcasting spaces open for the end of next year.  See Mr. Pickhardt in the fall for a signup form.

The following students will be in Q1 broadcasting next year.
Head Producers
Alyssa Mackowski,     Brandon Klein,     Grace Evangalista,     Payton Rolfe

Days 1-4
Eleanor Baillargean (Team Leader)
Emily Rickis (Team Leader)
Evelyn Dixon (also team leader Q3)
Madi Grillo
Emma Boucher
Mika Esquivel
Yasha Nichols (also team leader Q3)

Days 3-6
Jenna Ziskin (Team Leader)
Nora Davis (Team Leader)
Lucy Thrall
Saquoia Zaggett
Caroline Hall
Grace Tyler
Carolina Gentile
Mackenzie Janski

Birthday news - 
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday to everyone that has a birthday over the summer break.

Have a great day!

A note about birthdays.  There are over 400 students at GMMS.  
Every attempt is made to get every single birthday on the daily news every single day, from the long lists of student birthdays.  
Hopefully a birthday getting missed is very rare. 
If one is ever missed, I sincerely apologize.  
Have your child quietly come see me and I will be sure have it on the news the next day.
Also, if you move in to Granby during the school year,
please email your child's birthday into to me ASAP so I can add them to the lists.

Mr. Pickhardt

Band / Chorus days...

Note to parents of broadcasting students.
If your child is in broadcasting you may notice if you log in to PowerSchool between 7:30 and 8 am that they were marked absent when they are a part of the morning news broadcast on that day. The challenge we have is broadcasting students in effect have two starting points in the day depending on which broadcast team they are on. So in order to account for everyone and have accurate attendance, homeroom teachers mark students involved in the morning news broadcast as absent - as they are not present in their rooms.  They are then marked as present on the broadcast team list in the broadcast room.  After the broadcast is over, the list of who was in the room for the morning news broadcast that day is then turned in to the office and these students are changed from absent to present on the attendance in PowerSchool.  This happens each day by 8:00am.  So if you are log in to powerschool during that time period, you may receive an initial absent report from PowerSchool when in fact they were just part of the news broadcast that day and are present in school...  While it may seem cumbersome, rest assured the process accounts for everyone safely and effectively.