Spring 2009: ENG300
Introduction to Language Analysis

Dear grammar students,


This is our homepage which gives you access to our class blogs (where you will post your answers to given prompts), to livetext (where you can find the schedule and due dates, as well as reading material that is not in the textbooks), and to our class email.


Every student has a special email address for this course: firstname.lastname@grammar.com

We will communicate EXCLUSIVELY through these email accounts. I won't accept homework, or answer questions from any other email.

This is the  link to access your grammar300 email account.


These are the links to our class blogs:

ENG300-1 (education majors)

ENG300-2 (general grammar)


This is the link to access livetext, where all your syllabi, schedules, prompts, guidelines, duedates, and readings are posted.