woot's up?

woot's up?  A woot.com browsing and notification app for Android™™.

Monitor your favorite woot.com sites and get notified about new products, plus products that match your custom search!

Monitors deals.woot!  See the most recent "fresh" deals, sponsored deals, and moofi!  Configure how many products to download in Settings.


  • Notification when new items show up on woot sites; customizable sound and update rate.
  • Product Notify - play a custom notification sound if a product name contains your search words.
  • Woot-Off settings - update rate, sound, separate update rate when WiFi isn't available (for the battery and data plan-impaired).
  • Read product details and see alternate product images.
  • Search deals.woot!
  • Widget for your home screen.
  • Share products with your buddies via email, facebook (if installed), or any other app that supports Android's "send" action.
  • Obligatory Woot-Off light.
  • Inventory progress bar.
  • Tap "I Want One!" button to go to the woot site and get one.
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