Third Grade Reading Guarantee

What is the Third Grade Reading Guarantee?

Starting in the 2012-13 school year, Ohio law requires students who enter the third grade must demonstrate a certain level of competency in reading before advancing to the fourth grade.  This means that students in third grade who do not meet this level on the end-of-the-year Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) will be retained in the third grade.  The state has notified schools that the level will start between the designations of “limited” and “proficient” on the OAA and will rise over time.

All students in grades K-3 will be given a diagnostic assessment in reading before September 30.  If the diagnostic assessment shows that a student is “not on track” to be reading at grade level by the end of the year, parents will receive notification that the school has identified a deficit.

If your child is identified with a deficit you will be notified within 60 days of the diagnostic explaining what services your child currently receives and a description of additional services your child will receive.  You will have the opportunity to be involved in the instructional services team as well.

Here is a link to a video description.

How are we are working towards the goal of all students attaining the literacy skills they need to succeed?

Graham Elementary and Graham Middle School has affiliated with the Literacy Collaborative!  This school year, we are training K-2 teachers in the Primary Literacy Collaborative Framework, and 3-5 teachers in the Intermediate Framework.  Additionally, we are training a Middle School Coach and will begin teacher training next year. 

teachers will be provided with high-quality, job-embedded professional development aimed at increasing literacy achievement for all students.  

The Literacy Collaborative is on the state of Ohio's approved list of research-based reading instruction programs.  That means teachers who have participated in the training and coaching program, and have completed it successfully, are qualified to teach our learners who need extra help with literacy.  

An added benefit to the framework is how it helps ALL of our students achieve to their highest level in literacy.  This is done through large and small group instruction as well as individualized instruction based on the students' needs as a learner, with an eye toward attaining curricular goals.

Reflective practice is the culture - and it is ongoing.  Teachers are provided the tools and opportunities to capitalize on the good instruction that is already in place.

In addition to our literacy framework, we have three Reading Recovery teachers to work with first grade students who need help the most. Reading Recovery is part of the Literacy Collaborative Implementation.  We also use Leveled Literacy Intervention with small groups of students in grades 1-5.  These "safety nets" in conjunction with quality classroom instruction, work as coherent supports for our students. The Literacy Collaborative, Leveled Literacy Intervention, and Reading Recovery are all scientifically research-based reading instruction programs approved by the state of Ohio for the purposes of the third grade guarantee.