GES Title I Program

What is Title I?

The purpose of Title I funds is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and state academic assessments. Title I funds are generated based on low-income students that attend the school; however, services are provided to students identified as having the greatest need for special assistance.  

What does it mean to be Schoolwide?

A school operating a Schoolwide program is not required to identify particular students as eligible to participate in the Schoolwide program, but still needs to demonstrate that the services provided with Title I, Part A funds are supplemental to services that would otherwise be provided. A Schoolwide program gives the school significant flexibility to better serve all students by improving the entire instructional program, rather than providing separate services only to specific target populations. No distinctions are made between staff paid with Title I funds and staff that are not. All school staff are expected to direct their efforts toward upgrading the entire educational program and improving the achievement of all students, particularly those who are low achieving. 
GES School-Parent Compact

Title 1 Compact 13-14 Revised

Notice of Right to Know Teacher Qualifications

Title I Notice of Right to Know