Welcome to 6th and 7th  grade at John Long Middle School!

All About Me

I am a special education teacher at John Long Middle School. I am responsible for instructing and supporting 6th and 7th grade students in the general education setting.  Having accumulated many years of valuable teaching experiences, my personal philosophy involves being  passionate about students achieving personal, social, and academic  success!!!  Establishing positive rapport, providing opportunities for reflection, problem solving, and goal setting, all lead to students growing as learners, and agents of change.


Unique Happenings
This past summer, I was trained to be a Read 180 instructor.  Read 180 is a comprehensive, research-based intervention proven to accelerate the reading levels and test scores of struggling students.  It is an effective system for raising student reading achievement.  I currently serve a group of 14 seventh graders.  The program reinforces and addresses both reading and writing skills.  Students experience of sense of empowerment as they progress and accomplish outcomes.

6th and 7th grade students just participated in Fall Map Testing.  The curricular areas of Math, Reading, and Science were assessed.  

Documenting academic growth is a goal of the Grafton School District.  Special education students will be a part of the intermittent progress monitoring system fully implemented this school year.  Math and Reading will be highlighted throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

The school-wide PBIS program is underway and designed to accentuate the John Long Middle School philosophy which is-all students practicing respect, responsibility, and safety.  The students I work with are often recipients of Falcon Feathers, building up their behavioral, academic, and social competencies.