Welcome to Woodview Art


My name is Laura Schroeder. 

I am a Wisconsin-born artist and art teacher. I earned a BFA degree in Art Education from Arizona State University and have been teaching for 16 years. My experiences include working both publicly and privately with local and national school districts. From 2009-2011 I lived in Korea and taught at the Seoul International School. Previously I taught at Grafton High School and also Kennedy Elementary. 

I remain an active member of the community as a member of the Grafton Arts Mill and NSAA.  I am so excited to be returning to the district and joining the Woodview staff this year!

The Woodview Elementary art program is focused on providing 

rounded, developmentally sound, and integrated experience. 

Grade level projects are designed to meet curriculum standards 

and address the visual arts through the following goals and objectives

Core Art Making Areas                        Goals/Objectives

Drawing/Design                                • Explore, practice, and experiment -Art Making
Painting                                              • Study cultural and artistic trends-Art History
Printmaking                                       • Express own individuality and self interests-Communication
Collage/Assemblage                         • Explore different perspectives-Interpretation
Sculpture                                            • Connect and relate to other subject areas-Interdisciplinary