Art in Progress

Kindergarten Jungle Collage
The first step is to create a leafy background. Students played "hide and seek" with cut-out leaves and crayons.  Next we decorated some "tacos" that will be turned into flowers.

1st Grade Nevelson Sculptures
Students are learning about famous artist Louis Nevelson and her wood sculptures. They are creating their own by building with wood shapes and pieces. 

2nd Grade "Y" Trees
We are working on shape and form.  Students learned how to create a tree using the letter Y. They colored with oil pastels and painted.  Last step is cut concentric circle leaves!


3rd Grade Picasso Faces
Crazy faces are so fun to draw! 3rd grade students learned about Pablo Picasso and how he painted faces from multiple views. We just finished these fabulous portraits.

4th Grade Landscapes
These landscapes are not your average Wisconsin landscapes. They are full of color and pattern and creativity.  Students learned about the parts of a landscape and how to create depth. These masterpieces are going to wow you!

5th Grade Chihuly Sculptures
How can we use glass to create art?  The 5th graders studied glass blower and artist Dale Chihuly for the answer to this question.  After decorating a shrink plastic sheet, they cut it up into shapes. We baked the pieces until they began to bend and curl.  We love this part! Next is to assemble the pieces onto a base for our sculpture.