John Long Middle School 7th Grade-English Language Arts Expectations and Guidelines

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Course Description

Welcome to a new school year! The middle school English Language Arts course focuses on the development of reading, writing, communication, and critical thinking skills. Courses are taught in a reading and writing workshop model within an 87-minute block. Students engage in independent reading, book clubs, and discussion groups during Reading Workshop. In Writer’s Workshop, students will work on process and on-demand writing, word study, grammar, and speaking/listening skills. The goal in both classes is to develop independence and expertise as readers, writers, and thinkers. We look forward to working with your student. Please contact us with any questions you have.

ELA Standards

Reading Literature

Reading Informational Text

Writing (Narrative, and Informational)

Speaking and Listening



Be respectful. Be responsible. Be safe.

Required Supplies

Always come prepared for class with the following supplies:

  • Reader’s Notebook
  • Writer’s Notebook
  • Independent Reading Book
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Assignment Notebook


Students will receive one English Language Arts grade. There are three categories in which academic growth and achievement will be measured in each course:

      • Formative Assessments (0%)
      • Benchmark Assessments (30%)
      • Summative Assessments (70%)

We encourage parents to check Skyward on a regular basis to monitor their student’s progress.

Formative Assessments (0%)

Formative assessments include daily work, both in and outside of class. Daily work is an essential part of the learning process and allows students the opportunity to practice the skills taught in class. It is our expectation that all students will produce quality work.

Students will have many opportunities to practice new skills and concepts before they will be formally assessed. These practices will not be calculated into your student’s grade, but are important measures of academic progress.

Benchmark Assessments (30%)

Benchmark assessments include homework and/or classwork that is given as a measurement of students’ progress towards final objectives. Benchmark assessments are graded, recorded in the online grade book, and counted in the calculation of the quarter grade.

Summative Assessments (70%)

Summative assessments are used to measure the English Language Arts skills students have learned throughout the course of the unit. Summative assessments are graded, recorded in the online grade book, and counted in the calculation of the quarter grade. Revisions/retests are part of the learning process. All formative assessments must be completed in order to earn the privilege to retake. If a student meets the requirements to retake, the steps for corrective assessment are listed below.

Steps for Corrective Assessments:

    1. When unit assessments are returned, teacher will announce the due date for resubmitted work.
    2. Students will initiate meeting with the teacher to develop a plan for corrective work.
    3. Students will have their parent/guardian sign resubmitted work contract.
    4. Students will complete corrective work by the scheduled date and time.

Absent Work

If students are absent, they must take initiative to speak to their teacher about what they missed. Any missing work must be turned in no later than the number of days a student was absent. Extended absences will be handled on an individual basis.

Late Work

It is critical that students stay on top of their work. Parents will be notified as needed.


ELA Common Core State Standards: