Course Information

Welcome to 7th grade English Language Arts! This year, ELA will be every day for 88 minutes. Students will participate in Reader's and Writer's Workshop. 

In Writer's Workshop over the course of the year we will learn how to develop strong narratives focusing on realistic fiction, informational essays, as well as taking a deeper look into how to research efficiently and then use those newfound skills for a world issue policy brief. 

In Reader's Workshop we are going to start with a launch unit to get back into the swing of things, helping to bridge the gap between 6th grade ELA and 7th grade. Following that, we will jump right into a fiction/character reading unit. We will work with both fiction, and non-fiction throughout the course of the year. You will discover what makes a text stand the test of time and also dive deep into the heart of world issues within the multicultural fiction unit.

Please do not hesitate to contact me about our coursework this year.