ACT Prep Class

  • Once you register, click on "All centers,"  then "College Prep," "ACT Prep Class," "Practice Tests," and then "ACT Math"
  • MAKE SURE YOU EMAIL Mrs. Wesson your scores
Alternate Website: ACT Prep Materials

  • This year's ACT Prep class will have NO COST FOR SIGNING UP.  Students will be provided online resources (Badger link listed above) as well as additional practice packets which are available at the bottom of this webpage as well as copies in Mrs. Wesson's classroom - A221.

  • Students signing up for the ACT Prep class will have the ability to receive support in content three areas including Math, Science, and English/Reading.

  • Mrs. Wesson will be providing a instructional class as well as individual support for students seeking help or instruction regarding the Math portions of the ACT.
  • Mrs. Wesson is available 5th & 7th hour daily for students seeking support during the school day.
To contact Mrs. Wesson directly:

  • Mr. Bewell will be providing support for students seeking help or questions regarding the Science portion of the ACT.
  • Available Monday's, Wednesday's, & Friday's at 2:45 in A208.
To contact Mr. Bewell directly: