Welcome to Second Grade!

Week of

February 18

Daily Schedule

  • Monday, February 18: Day 1 (Library Books)
  • Tuesday, February 19: Day 2
  • Wednesday, February 20: Day 3
  • Thursday, February 21: Day 4 (Early Release)
  • Friday, February 22: NO SCHOOL

Star Students

There is no star student this week.

February Birthdays




This week in 2nd Grade, we are continuing to learn...

  • Math: February Number Corner will cover the following concepts: telling time to the nearest 5 minutes, fractions (1/2 and 1/3), double and triple-digit addition using base 10, and computational fact fluency. In our Bridges program, we are finishing up some graphing work.
  • Reading: We are in the middle of our non-fiction unit. We are learning that non-fiction books need to be read a bit differently to make sure we understand and learn from them. We have learned that non-fiction readers pay attention to details, ask questions, think about what they are learning from each part, and think about the organization and structure of the book to help with comprehension.
  • Writing: In our non-fiction writing unit, we are using "mentor texts" from famous children's authors to study features of non-fiction writing that we can add to our own writing.
  • Social Studies: We are focusing on science this week.
  • Science: We have begun our unit on sound and light. This week, we are doing demonstrations of how sound is produced. Important vocabulary words and concepts for your child to know and understand include vibration, sound source, sound waves, decibel, pitch, and echo.


Early Release Day

There is an early release day this Thursday, February 21.

Students will be dismissed at 11:50 a.m.

Classroom Needs:

Prize box toys and trinkets

Large bottles of hand sanitizer for classroom use