Welcome to Second Grade!

Week of

February 4

Daily Schedule

  • Monday, February 4: Day 4
  • Tuesday, February 5: Day 5
  • Wednesday, February 6: Day 6
  • Thursday, February 7: Day 1 (Library books)
  • Friday, February 8: Day 2

Star Students

Logan and Madelyn

February Birthdays




This week in 2nd Grade, we are continuing to learn...

  • Math: February Number Corner will cover the following concepts: telling time to the nearest 5 minutes, fractions (1/2 and 1/3), double and triple-digit addition using base 10, and computational fact fluency. In our Bridges program, we are finishing up some graphing work.
  • Reading: We are in the middle of our non-fiction unit. We are learning that non-fiction books need to be read a bit differently to make sure we understand and learn from them. We have learned that non-fiction readers pay attention to details, ask questions, think about what they are learning from each part, and think about the organization and structure of the book to help with comprehension.
  • Writing: This week, we are writing non-fiction books. We are applying what we have learned in reading about non-fiction books to our own writing. In addition, for Kindness Week, we are writing about ways we can be kind to others.
  • Social Studies: We are continuing to learn about how humans can impact the Earth, both positively and negatively. This week in our geography study, we are learning more about political boundaries and the difference between countries and states. Please help your child where he/she lives, including the town, state, country, and continent.
  • Science: This week we are continuing to focus on social studies. We will begin our next science unit on sound and light energy in the next several weeks.


Kindness Week

Monday: Wear Kennedy blue.

Tuesday: Jammie day

Wednesday: Crazy socks or emojis

Thursday: Wear green or nature-themed clothes

Friday: Wear your Kind shirt or neon colors. Come to school bright and sparkly!


Remember to send snow gear to stay warm outside. A second set of dry gloves and socks is always helpful.

Classroom Needs:

Prize box toys and trinkets

Large bottles of hand sanitizer for classroom use