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5. The Human Body

BIG IDEA: The human body is made up of systems that have different functions, and                     these systems work together to maintain the body.

Websites: Biodigital Human (sign up with google account, individual)
               Zygote body

                Check up open book
               What do body systems do?
               How do body systems work together?
               What is homeostasis?
                Human Anatomy Resource
                Hospital Surgeries
                Study Guide
                Skeletal Diagram and study quiz
                Sporcle bone practice
                What are the parts of the skeletal system?
                How do bones grow and how are they connected?
                What are the main functions of the muscular system?
                What are the types of muscles and benefits of exercise?
                What are some problems that may occur with the skeletal and muscular 
                Knee Surgery

                What is the circulatory system?
                How do the systems work together?
                What is the respiratory system?
                What are some problems that may arise with the circulatory and respiratory 
                Heart Surgery
                ABC Heart Surgery
                PBS Heart Surgery
                Save the stuffed bunny

                Mechanical/Chemical Digestion
                Digestion Learning
                Love your gut game
                Organs that aid in digestion
                Liquid waste production in the body

                Stop light reaction time
                Reflex Tests
                Find your blind spot
                Optical Illusions

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