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1. Introduction to Science

 Study Guide for Test Beaker Survived!
 Safety Rules:Safety Video

 Measuring:  SI system meters, liters,                                grams  Videos:  metric system
             Why the metric system?
                    Conversion practice
Length: meters conversions   Mass: Conversion practice 
Conversion Practice
 After you are done taking the Beaker Check-up: CM practice reading a ruler
Ruler practice     

Before starting Mass lab:
 How to use a triple beam balance
 Before doing the volume lab: How to read a graduated cylinder
 Mastered the metric system? Horrendous Soup
 Skills Scientists use: Videos: inferences and observations

Inference, predicting, and observation techniques
Qualitative and Quantitative Data
 Graphing:    When to choose a Bar, Pie, Line graph based on data
How to set up a graph.

Create a graph online
 Scientific Method Video: variables
           Control vs variable
           Scientific Method