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6. Ecology and the Environment

Unit 1
Big Idea: Organisms interact with each other and with the nonliving parts of their environment.

National Park Resources:
Project Sign-up:  National Park Sign-up List 

    How are different parts of the environment connected?

    How does energy flow through an ecosystem?
    What determines population size?
        Cooperate or Compete? Comic Creator  Make a cartoon  Toondoo  
        High or Low? Option make a diorama split in 2 comparing the different ecosystems
        What's the Limit?  Graph paper available in class.

    How do organisms interact?

Unit 2 Big Idea:  Matter and energy together support life within an environment

     How do energy and matter move through ecosystems?
    How do ecosystems change?

    How do human activities affect ecosystems?

Unit 3 Big Idea: Humans depend on natural resources for materials and energy.

Lesson 3:
    How do we use nonrenewable resources?

Lesson 4:
    How do humans use renewable energy resources?

Unit 4 Big Idea: Humans and human population growth affect the environment.