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3. Heredity

BIG IDEA: Characteristics from parents are passed to offspring in predictable ways.

Genetics Articles:

    Why cells divide- repair damaged or dead cells, grow, reproduce
    Genetic material and cell division- DNA must be copied
    Eukaryotic cells
    Cell Cycle:  Interphase, Mitosis, Cytokinesis
    mitosis- prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
    Onion Root Tip Lab Website
    Onion root tip lab worksheet: make a copy in google
    Click here to enter lab data

    Sex cells- sperm and egg
    Eukaryotic cells
    Meiosis- cell divided 2x 1/2 of the number of chromosomes
    Steps of Meiosis

    Asexual Reproduction- only one parent- creates an identical copy
        binary fission- latin means split in two (prokaryotes/bacteria)
        budding- yeast cells
        Spores- fungi mushrooms
        vegetative reproduction- runners (strawberry) or tubers (potatoes) 
    Sexual Reproduction- 2 parents and half genetic material from each 
    Comparing asexual and sexual reproduction

    DNA's role in Inheritance
    Genes, Traits, and Characteristics


Interactive Websites:
    Build DNA
    Build DNA
    DNA Transcriptions and Translation

      Biotechnology Interactive notes  Open and make a copy, then complete