VR-AR virtual and augmented reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) links and apps that we may use in science class that are FREE to download on student devices.

Students connect to school wi-fi for viewing.  Not all devices work for everything we do.

Life science collection:

Google AR:  Students need to download the app  
*** I release and run what the students see from my device in the classroom

InMind VR:  Download from the app store-- Nervous system

Human Body Unit:
Curioscope human body t-shirt AR:  currently purchased and our skeleton is wearing!
*** Free app:  classroom i-pads have it for student use
Quivervision AR:  I have on school ipads
Youtube.com app download needed for the following VR:

Merge miniverse  Free apps
National Parks
The Threat to save Threatened species
In cell