Classroom Expectations

Be respectful, Be responsible, Be safe

SKYWARD Grading program:
Parents and students should regularly check grades and messages sent through the grade book messaging program.  Comments are often included next to assignments.  Alerts can be set up for parents.  Passwords can be obtained through the school office.

ONE DAY: Science meets every other day, therefore if a students is absent for a class they are expected to see me the next day to check in and turn in homework or get the homework even though they don't have science that day.
MULTIPLE DAYS: Students should email me for homework or arrange to have it picked up in the office. Much of the information is available online and recorded on the homework calendar.
VACATIONS: Students should email teachers and collect homework . Homework is due when they return from the vacation. If topics covered are not able to be self taught, then after school time will be expected to get caught up when the student returns.
LONG TERM PROJECTS/TESTS:  These dates are given to the student ahead of time and time is given to write down in the assignment notebook.  Being absent one day does not mean the project or test dates are changed unless a significant amount of learning has been missed.

Copies of Study Guides/Homework
Study Guidesfound on unit pages on left and attachment on Skyward grade book- these are always prints and given to students on paper at least a week ahead of the test.
Homework- attachment on Skyward grade book, a version may also be in science fusion, BUT may be a similar version without edits, some may be found under the lesson on the webpage also. Since the majority is copyrighted material, students need to be logged into their Google accounts to view.