Classroom Expectations


Students are required to change into their Physical Education uniform each class period. 


    • Always Lock Your Locker!  $5.25 replacement Fee
    • LOCK YOUR VALUABLES & CLOTHES UP! JLMS will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Always secure your belongings before, during & after class.
    • Change for class & put your school clothes & books in the bigger locker next to your small locker.  When class is over all items should be removed from the big locker
    • Cell Phones - No cell phones will be allowed in the Physical Education area. If it is even seen in your pocket or in your belongings it will be confiscated.
      • First Offense: Pick up at the end of the day
      • Second (and any additional) Offense: Parent needs to contact teacher and arrange for pick up. Student will not be allowed to pick it up.
    • After Class - change and WAIT IN THE HALL BY THE BIG GYM until the bell to end class sounds. 
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