Welcome to Second Grade!

Mrs. Fujinaka's Class

Week of November 19

Daily Schedule

  • Monday, November 19: Day 1
  • Tuesday, November 20: Day 2
  • Wednesday, November 21: NO SCHOOL
  • Thursday, November 22: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  • Friday, November 23: NO SCHOOL

Star Student

There is no star student this week.

November Birthdays


This week in 2nd Grade, we are continuing...

  • Math: In our November Number Corner, we are working on reading both analog and digital clocks. We also are working on measuring objects around the room using Unifix cubes. Finally, we are practicing strategies for math fact fluency, including Doubles +/- 1. In Bridges, our unit surrounds Jack and the Beanstalk. We are using his "magic beans" to measure, as well as count and compare numbers using place value.
  • Reading: This week, we are focusing on retelling stories and looking for evidence in the text to support our thinking.
  • Writing: We are wrapping up our unit on writing narratives. Students have worked on "Small Moment" stories, writing powerful beginnings and conclusions while using descriptive language.
  • Social Studies: In Second Step this month, we will be discussing bullying and what we can do to alleviate this. We also are finishing our unit on communities by discussing the structure of our government.
  • Science: We are studying the water cycle and learning vocabulary related to this, including evaporation, condensation, accumulation, and precipitation. The video we have used in class to help us remember the vocabulary is found below.


Coming up...

Coming up...

There is no school this week, Wednesday through Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  • Now that the weather has become colder and we have had our first snow, please help your child choose appropriate clothing for the playground. We will be going outside most days, so snow pants, boots, gloves, and hats are important to send every day.