Welcome to Mrs. Fujinaka's First Grade Class!

 We Are Learning..........
*Reading:   This week we will continue to review strategies for tackling difficult words as well as tackling difficulty with comprehension.  Some helpful strategies we will be learning about include:
    *Readers take what they're reading and try to picture what is happening in their mind.
    *Readers keep track of who is talking as they are reading a fiction story.
    *Readers don't just read words, they understand words.  Readers stop and think about what they are reading.  
During our partner time, we will practice keeping track of our reading by using post-it notes to help mark important details in our texts and then sharing those parts with our partners.  We will also practice marking difficult words and talking about them with our partners as well.   

*Math: This week, we will continue to analyze three-digit numbers, looking closely at place-values.  We will focus on the digit 0, especially when being used as a place-holder in numbers such as 106 (the 0 is a place holder in the tens position, showing there is nothing in that place-value).  We will be writing number names to match a numeral. (For example, 112 matches the number name one hundred twelve).  Vocabulary words include: hundreds, tens, ones, less, less than, expander, greater, place-value.  

*Writing:  We will continue in our nonfiction writing unit.  This week we will be rereading the nonfiction books we have already written about our chosen topics.  Our mini-lessons will focus on:
    -Think about questions my readers might have and think about how I can teach them
    -Write in twin sentences (Cats eat wet and dry food.  They like the wet food the best.)
    -Focus on spelling strategies when writing
    -Going back and trying to add some of the aspects real authors use such as bold print words, diagrams, pictures with labels,
     more specific details and descriptive words.   
We will also begin talking about opinions and the idea of persuasive writing.     

*Science: We will continue our 2nd unit in science which focuses on solids and liquids.  
Vocabulary words include: matter, solid, liquid, gas, properties, material, natural, human-made.

Coming Up........

 *Student of the Week: 
   Jack Shimon

  Riley Redeker - March 8th
  Nora McGowen - March 23rd 

*The Kennedy Carnival will be held at John Long Middle School this Friday, March 23rd from 5:00-8:00. Hope you can make it!

*March 30-April 6th Spring Break

                    Wish List

*We are in need of glue sticks.  If you are able to donate, we would greatly appreciate it!  





*Trimester 2 report cards are available for you to view in your family Skyward account.  

*This week the homework folder includes playing a math game that we have played earlier this year called Addition Top-It.  Even though the directions for this game have been sent earlier this year, I have included another copy of the directions for your convenience.  
Please return the yellow homework folder on Friday.

*Friendly reminder to please help your child pack a healthy snack each day.  We have been struggling a bit lately with bringing in chocolate dipped granola bars and cookies.  Students have also been bringing in multiple snacks for each snack time.  I reminded the children last week that it should be one snack for the morning and one snack for the afternoon.  Thank you for your help with this!   

*With the cold temperatures, please be sure that your child is dressed for the weather.  Warm jackets, snowpants, boots, mittens/gloves, scarves, and hats/earmuffs are so important at this time of year.  
Thank you so much for your help!

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