Welcome to Mrs. Fujinaka's First Grade Class!

 We Are Learning..........
*Reading:  This week we will review the Eagle Eye and Stretchy Snake reading strategy.  Eagle Eye reminds us to look carefully at the pictures in our books to help us figure out words that might trick us.  Stretchy Snake tells us to stretch out the sounds in a word slowly and then blend them together to figure out an unknown word.  This week we will be introduced to Lips the Fish who helps us to remember to get our mouth ready by saying the first sound of a word and Chunky Monkey who helps us to look for word chunks or parts of words we know inside a tricky word.  We will also continue to reread our books to help make our voices smooth.

*Math: We will continue to practice the count-on addition strategy and writing turnaround facts.  (3+4=7 and 4+3=7) 
New skills this week include using the doubles strategy with addition, and introducing telling time to the hour on both an analog and digital clock. 

*Writing: We are continuing to work on writing small moment stories about ourselves.  The children are learning how to use our writing process which includes; Think, Think, Think, Touch and Tell Across Pages, Sketch Pictures, and Write.  We have begun editing and proofreading our personal stories with our partners. This week we are focusing on going back to our pieces of writing to add strong word choices, and more details to help tell our stories bit by bit.   

*Social Studies: This week we will focus on community helpers and fire safety.  Last week we talked about our home address and phone number.  Please practice these with your child if they do not have them memorized.     

Coming Up........

*Friday, October 20th is popcorn and spirit wear day.  Bring your quarters!  
*Please be sure that your child has an art smock and a water bottle here at school. Water bottles with a pop-up top or a straw are preferred.  This helps us to control our water and have less spills.  Thank you so much!

*Please return the yellow homework folder with completed work on Friday.  

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