Welcome to Second Grade!

Mrs. Fujinaka's Class

Week of

March 18

Daily Schedule

  • Monday, March 18: Day 1
  • Tuesday, March 19: Day 2
  • Wednesday, March 20: Day 3
  • Thursday, March 21: Day 4
  • Friday, March 22: Day 5

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This week in 2nd Grade...

  • Math: March Number Corner focuses on 3-dimensional shapes. There is lots of new vocabulary with this unit. Helping your child review the following terms would be helpful: edge, vertex, face, length, width, cube, cylinder, prism, pyramid, cone, and sphere.
  • Reading: We are beginning our next unit on series books. Students will be using various series to learn about character development and character traits. Students will use their knowledge of these characters to help them make predictions and inferences.
  • Writing: We have begun our unit on writing about our opinions. We have started by having a debate about what is better, swimming in a pool or at the beach. Students then took this information and worked to organize it into a persuasive paragraph. We will be continuing this process this week using other topics.
  • Social Studies: We are focusing on science this week.
  • Science: This week, we are focusing on light, color, and shadows. We will discover how our eyes see light and how white light is made up of many colors. Vocabulary words include transparent, translucent, and opaque.


There will be a pizza party on Tuesday afternoon. Pizzas have generously been donated by Costco. Students should still plan on eating lunch during their regular lunch time.


Remember to send snow gear to stay warm outside. A second set of dry gloves and socks is always helpful.

Classroom Needs:

Prize box toys and trinkets

Large bottles of hand sanitizer for classroom use