Welcome to Mrs. Fujinaka's First Grade Class!

 We Are Learning..........
*Reading:  This week you will find a bookmark resource listing all of the reading strategies we have focused on in your child's colored book pouch.  Please keep this bookmark in your child's red reading folder within their colored pouch to use during at-home reading time.  Thank you!     

*Math: We will continue our focus on place value.  This week we will be working with groups of ten; showing how many tens there are in a number by drawing a picture and then writing the matching number name.  (Example: 24 There are 2 groups of 10 and 4 more ones, then writing the number word twenty-four.) 

*Writing: This week we will continue to add details to our small moment stories.  We will also do a few skill reminder mini-lessons focusing on; capitals at the beginning of sentences and for names of people, end marks at the ends of sentences, a naming part and an action part in each sentence, finger spaces between words, and neat handwriting.  This week the students will choose one of their small moment stories to "fancy-up" for Dr. Gunderson to read.  We will work on creating our covers as well.    

*Science: We will continue our work focusing on river rocks through our investigation time.  We will be screening river rocks and focusing on how the screen helps to sort by sand, small gravel, large gravel, small pebbles, and large pebbles.  

Coming Up........

 *Kennedy Student Council would like to thank you for all of the military donations.  We all really appreciate your support! 

*Thanksgiving break will be Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th.  


*NO SCHOOL on Friday, November 17th.  

*A few students are still in need of an art smock.  Please check with your child and send one in as soon as possible.

*Please return the yellow homework folder with completed work, including the math sheets, on Thursday.  

*Please remember to send warm clothing for your child to wear outside at recess.  It has been quite chilly lately.  Brrr!  

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