Welcome to Mrs. Fujinaka's First Grade Class!

 We Are Learning..........
*Reading:   This week we will finish up our "Reading Adventures" unit.  We will focus on: 
    *story elements (main character, setting, problem, solution) 
    *readers learn lessons through the characters
During our partner time, we will continue to practice retelling our stories.  We have also been spending time talking about the importance of watching our main characters as we read.  What do we notice about our character?  How do they act in the story?  How do they handle problems?  What do you like about your character?  What don't you like about your character? What lesson did you learn from your character?    Keep going on "Reading Adventures" throughout the summer!  

*Math: This week, we will be reviewing story problems and strategies for working through them.  We will also review various math skills from this year. 

*Writing:  We will finish working in our opinion/review writing unit.       

*Science: Last week we were able to release 3 beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.  We also have many mealworms that have turned into pupae.  We are hoping to see a few of them change into Darkling Beetles before our last day of school.
Vocabulary words include: stages, life cycle, eggs, hatch, larvae, molt, pupae, adult. 

*Social Studies:  This week, we will finish up working in our geography unit.  We are learning about the importance of maps, about different types of maps, what map keys are and how to use them.  We will practice using a compass rose to answer questions while using a map.  We will also briefly talk about different landforms as well as landform maps.  Vocabulary words: geography, map, symbol, compass rose, direction, landform, map key.    

Coming Up........

 *Student of the Week: 
   All finished for this year!

  There are no birthdays in May.

 *We have had so much fun celebrating all of our summer birthdays.  Thank you to all 1st grade parents for sending in such tasty treats for us to enjoy throughout this school year.  Birthdays are so much fun!

*Last day of school is Friday, May 25th.  It is a full day of school.  

              Museum Field Trip!

Please remember to send a cold lunch with your child to school on Tuesday, May 22nd if you did not order one from our hot lunch program.  Chaperones also remember to bring a cold lunch.  


Celina Kolkmann
Jeff Krummel
Emily Latch
Jen Shimon
Courtney Szpara





*Freedom Choir practices are winding up this week. These practices take place during the lunch recess time. Good Luck at your performance!  

*Last Day Schedule

  8:30am-10:00am Awards Ceremony For 5th Graders + Award Recipients

        10:00am-11:15am Classroom Activities

        11:15am-12:30pm School Picnic With Families

        12:30pm-1:00pm Clean up + Classroom Activities

1:00pm-3:00pm Fun Day Rotations

We are still in need of volunteers for our Fun Day Rotations.  If you are available to help, please contact the office.  

*As our school year winds down, please check the lost and found for any items that may belong to your child.

*On Monday, your child will be bringing home a brown paper bag with many of their school items.  You will notice that your child will have several folders which we did not use.  Prior to the school year starting, I had purchased many folders so that I was able to label them before the first day.  I hope that this will lighten your folder load for next year.  :) 

*On the last day of school, I will be sending home a large ziploc bag with helpful hints and resources for continuing learning throughout the summer.  I will also have placed some of your child's special end of the year projects in there for safe travels home.  

Thank you for all of your support this school year.  I have enjoyed working with all of you very much.  Have a fantastic summer!

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