Reading Workshop

Mr. Mangin's Reading Workshop

My daily Reading Workshop typically includes: Teacher Read Aloud & Think Aloud, a minilesson, independent reading, individual conferring, small groups focused on particular skills, and occasionally Book Clubs.

Read Alouds
In a Read Aloud, I will read quality literature to the children, typically focused on the the genre and strategies being taught. Children will be actively engaged in listening, thinking, and responding to what I'm reading aloud.

Think Alouds
During Read Alouds, I also will Think Aloud. Basically, I will share my own thinking about the text to serve as a model to help improve children's understanding of various reading strategies and to improve their overall comprehension.

After an attention-grabbing connection, I will model a strategy each day. Then kids will practice this strategy with a partner. During independent reading time, each individual will apply this strategy and share his/her findings at the end of class.

Independent Reading Time
During independent reading time, kids will read and respond to "just-right" texts and apply recently-learned skills.

Individual Conferring
During class, I will individually confer with children to discuss specific reading strategies, descriptions of each child's current reading, and recommendations for future books.

Strategy Groups
Students will be placed in small, flexible strategy groups to support specific learning targets.

Book Clubs
During certain units, children will work in small groups to discuss their reading. Kids will take more ownership during these Book Clubs. They will display a more sophisticated understanding of texts, usually literature, through deep, high-level discussions.

Reading Units of Study
September and October: Building a Reading Life & Interpreting Characters (Fiction)
October and November: Reading the Weather, Reading the World (Non-Fiction)
December: Poetry
January and February: Historical Fiction Clubs
February and March: Choose Your Own Reading Adventure 
March and April: Nonfiction Reading (American Revolution Focus)
May: Traditional and Modern Literature (Greek Mythology)