Eligibility Brochure

Please see Susanne Lilly for a copy of the Physical Therapy Eligibility and Dismissal Criteria  Brochure
Eligibility Criteria for PT Services:
The student must have a significant delay in the area of gross motor skill development. The student may have deficiencies in strength, balance, coordination, motor planning, independent mobility, or flexibility. There may be a musculoskeletal or neurological diagnosis that causes a motor impairment.  When making the decision regarding the need for PT, the IEP Team will consider the following:
* What interventions to date have been done in the child's current educational placement to address the effects of the disability?
* Can the teachers address the child's needs without consulting a PT?
* Are the effects of the child's disability endangering the child or anyone else?
* Will the effects of the disability interfere with or prevent the child's educational progress, safety, or ability to function in the anticipated educational environment?
Criteria for Dismissal from PT Services:
Students will be dismissed from PT when they have met their IEP goals or the IEP Team believes that the student has reached his/her potential and is as independent as possible in the school setting. The student may not be functioning at age or grade level. IEP goals are written to maximize the student's benefit from the special education program. In most cases, the frequency of therapy is greater in the early childhood and elementary years and decrease at middle and high school levels.
School districts are not responsible for providing PT services to:
* Students with with acute or post traumatic conditions which are temporary and do not impair school-based educational expectations.
*Students whose identified needs are being met by other staff members in the school.