Parents and Students:

The following are links to various sites to reinforce keyboarding skills.  Students can access the program used in school or another one listed on this page.  Students - don't forget to use good technique as you practice!

Tips for Good Keyboarding Technique:
  • Sit up on chair; feet on the floor                            Elbows at sides; shoulders relaxed
  • Fingertips touch keyboard; wrists up                   Hands anchored on Home Row
  • Keep eyes on what you are keying from
***Speed is not as important as technique.  With correct technique, the speed and accuracy will naturally happen!

Grades 3-5:

EduTyping Student Login
note Account ID:  graftonsd
EduTyping (used in school)

Grades 6-8:

Typing Web (create a new free account to get started)