Second Grade


Second Grade Musicians
meet once every three days for 45-minute classes.

Musical demonstrations are scheduled for:


      Concepts addressed in the Music curriculum include a continuation and review of all First Grade objectives while expanding to include:

  • 2/4 meter signatures,
  • Half note, Half rest
  • 4/4 meter,   
  • Whole note, whole rest,  
  • Solfege pitch and intervals of Do and Re, 
  • Do Pentatonic scale.
  • Beethoven and his symphonies.
  • "Carnival of the Animals" by Saint Saens.
  • Pioneer folk songs and dances to integrate with classroom studies,
  • Beginning harmonic experiences through rounds, partners songs and ostinati.    
  • Introduction to dynamics and musical terms
  • Introduction to music writing software,
  • Experiences composing and playing original compositions.

  • Second grade 2014 Songs

    Second Grade Original Compositions